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Welcome to EZ Lessons Guitar Coach


This is Don Covel. I teach kids and adults how to enhance their lives through music. Now you can learn to play the guitar, ukulele, and sing at your community. I have taught hundreds of students. I can do the same for you. Learn more...


I teach ukulele. For some, learning the guitar may seem intimidating. If that's you then consider joining in on the new, very popular, "Uke movement".

Regardless of your reasons you will find that the ukulele is easier to learn for kids and adults. Everything learned on the ukulele can be applied to the guitar. Many students start with the ukulele and move onto the guitar. I can help you with both.

I assist students in...

  • selecting a guitar

  • choosing the right strings

  • acquiring the best study books

  • developing a practice routine for success

  • getting "un-stuck" if you are in a rut

  • suggesting songs to learn

  • Lead guitar playing, rhythm playing, finger picking

  • Different styles: classic rock, folk, jazz, country

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