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$60/hour at your home (within 10 miles of Lake Forest only please)

$50/hour or $30/half hour at my home studio or via Zoom.

SEMI PRIVATE (TWO STUDENTS) (e.g.,  2 kids, 2 adults, or a parent and child, etc.)

$160 for four 30-minute lessons at my home studio.

$280 for four 60-minute lessons at your home

UKULELE GROUP LESSONS: please contact me re: discounts for group classes at your HOA, school, or community center.


  • Lessons are prepaid at the time of scheduling.

  • 24 hour notice must be given to receive a makeup lesson.

  • Only one make-up lesson per cancelled session is allowed.

  • Makeup lessons for no shows are not allowed.

  • Recital opportunities are availale but are not required. My students perform with me or on their own; whichever is most comfortable for them.

  • Students under 18 must be accompanied by parents. No exceptions please.


Do you live in an HOA, Mobile Home Park, or Senior Community?  I will come to your community and provide private, semi-private, or group lessons. Receive guitar, ukulele, and voice lessons in the comfort and security of your own recreation, activities room, or club house. Please contact me for details and/or to schedule a NO COST presentation at your community.


Kids (elementary to Jr. High) tend to learn quickly and absorb new knowledge easily. They adapt easily to a structured approach with milestones in learning chords, songs, and techniques. They have more time to practice. Therefore it is best to arrange a weekly schedule for the first 3 months.

I've had many dedicated students get "hooked" on guitar after a few months and end up practicing for hours everyday because they enjoy it so much.

28038704_m purchased.jpg

Adults sometimes have had previous experience in playing the guitar. In these cases we agree upon a study plan that builds upon existing knowledge to strengthen music fundamentals,  and gain confidence in learning songs and new concepts.
People in this group often want to learn more advanced concepts and song arrangements. I have had many adult students tell me they have made breakthroughs simply because they had someone they could relate to and who could demonstrate things that always had always been confusing to them.

85620379_m man and woman guitar 123 - pu

Seniors are often looking at way to re-start their playing as a life enrichment to retirement or as a therapeutic way to enjoy their free time and perform with friends.  For many older adults learning or "re-starting" the guitar where they left off is the fulfillment of a a long time desire. After a lifetime of work it's time to be a kid again doing what you've always loved. Imagine learning to play songs by The Eagles, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Simon & Garfunkle, and hundreds more.

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